Mold for the Bishop V1


My english is good but not super, so bare with me!

Some time ago I was approached by a woman who organizes dildo parties (like Tupperware parties) and gives dildo workshops, mostly for bachelorette parties for woman

She asked me if I would be interested in making a mold of a dildo?
Honestly a little bit out of my comfort zone.

But after some thought I decided to do it.
Good learning experience for making a mold.
And what better dildo to use than the Bishop V1

I did some research on the internet for making a 3d printed mold.
Thirst thing I noticed most of the molds i have seen use nuts and bolts to hold the mold together.
I find this such a hassle that I decided to use clips.

BUT I did use some M3 bolts to center the model.

Print one side of the model like it is in the file.
And print the other side of the mold in mirror.

I printed the mold in PLA, this is for the minimum warping.

Ensure that surfaces of the mold are flat and smooth.

I cut off the heads of 9 M3x16 bolts to use for the centering of the model.
And used glue on one side of the mold to hold the bolts in place.

163 x 117 x 60 mm