Mold for The Bubbly One


The Bubbly One.

Hmmm, The only thing i can say about the bubbly is: HAVE FUN!
LOL Just kidding.

A request from the hostess.
If i wanted to make a mold for the bubbly one.

This model you can make in different states.
The original i made with 8 M3x12 bolts with the heads cut off.
And with steel clamps.

Or you can make it with 3d printed clamps.
And 3d printed Pins.
The choice is yours!

I have been asked before what kind of silicone i used.
The silicone i used was supplied by hostess of the party’s

But some people use:
Dragon Skin Silicone Rubber Compound >


Refills from: >

there is a instruction video on molding with silicone at > <

Height: 143 mm
Big Sphere: 31.5 mm
Smaller Sphere: 28 mm

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