Realistic Female Butt (Mold Version)

3D Junction

Now you can enjoy a realistic female bottom that is all yours to own and command.
– Easy to position face down on your mattress, pillow, kitchen table, or hard against a wall.
– Made from a real female cast.
-Two glorious holes for lovemaking with ribbed canals, and a tighter anus for enhanced realism.
-Top to bottom holes allow for easy cleanup.
-This is the cast molded version that so many have sought out.

1. Download and print all five pieces of the mold.
2. Assemble parts 1- 4 in a clockwise fashion.
3. Insert the fifth part, the ribbed canal insert, into the hole at the bottom of the mold.
4. Apply mold release or cooking spray to the insides of the mold. Tape, adhere, or bolt the pieces together. How large you scale it will determine the size of the bolts you need to secure it.
5. Be sure to seal the bottom part and the sides of the mold with tape or silicone before starting to avoid leakage.
6. Mix an appropriate amount of platinum cure body safe silicone (web search).
7. Pour the mixed silicone at the entry hole on the top of the mold.
8. Wait for your silicone to set up. This is the hardest part…waiting for your perfect toy.
9. Carefully remove the outer parts of the mold. With a twisting motion, release the ribbed canal section and pull it out.
10. Apply lubricant to both canals, and get down to business 🙂

Grab your file today and get to pounding before anyone knows 🙂

The finished mold has the dimensions of ~(xyz) 132*248*161 mm. The individual mold pieces are smaller than the finished mold.