Tunnel butt plug


This is the toy for those who like to feel themselves, i’ve been surfing the network looking for this kind of files, but i couldn’t find anithing, so I designed my own one. Its designed to fit comfortabily on your body, and has a “little big design” which can be modified rescaling the object (and also could be made bigger). At 1:1 is the size for experienced users, at 0.9-0.8 of its real size is intended for normal users, and at a lower rate can be used if you are training yet or to make it just like you want , but you would love to know new sensations. Personally, I love this thing.

To print this,I strongly recomend to use a 0.2 layer height or lower if possible, supports everywhere, a 1.2-1.6 shell thickness, i like to make this things at a high filling, but a 15% is enought. And most important is to use abs to make a acetone bath after printing.

Enjoy it.

SCALE                                              1:1                                0,8                                 0.6
hole diameter:                          4 cm.                         3,2 cm.                         2.4 cm.
widest diameter:                    6.1 cm.                        4.9 cm.                         3.7 cm.
thickness part:                       4.6 cm.                        3.7 cm.                         2.8 cm.