Vibrating Saddle

Boris van Galvin

After doing so many repairs on the well known Sybian I thought it was about time to design and build my own base.
Most of the components can be 3D printed and the bearing’s are standard ZZ809’s easy to get as they are used in all sorts like roller blades and skateboards.
On my prototype the pulleys were also 3D printed, the motor used was from an old cordless drill but prety much any motor would do. the bonus with the cordless drill motor is that you can use the standard speed controller that comes with it.

I would be happy to offer any assistance to anyone building one of these with both the constriction and make any minor alterations if required to suite your needs.

As the project is an ongoing one I will be adding to the product items and adding additional cad files/drawings over time.

As for the material, the crank shaft was made from Stainless Steel, spacers were Brass, The prototype was made in PLA however ABS or HIPS may be better suited. HIPS is great as it has better impact resistance and is a little more resilient to cleaning fluids.

Assembly Drawing – This is a basic layout of how the thing goes together.
CamShaftDesign – This is a cad drawing of the dimensions etc of the Pulley and the main shaft.

The rest are STL’s of each of the parts.

Components Required:
1 X sewing rubber sewing machine belt, usually these are easy to get hold of at most sewing shops. It should have a cross secion of about 4mm
4 X 606 Bearings / Skateboard Bearings
1 X 12V Motor (I used a cordless drill motor but anything that has a reasonable RPM should work)
1 X Spring 3/8″ X 3/4″
3 X M2 5mm Grub Screws
And a bunch of other nuts screws and bolts to hold everyting together, I used mostly M6’s.

NOTE: You may need to redesign the motor mount for your specific motor, or feel free to drop me a line with the motor dimesions and I will alter the mount for you and fire you the STL.

UPDATE: I have now added the silicone mold parts 1-4 Its an open mold and use the Top Fitting to press in to the silicone before it is cured.

Dimensions:Approx 100 X 150 X 200 tall once constructed with the motor. The housing can be any size you want or you could build it in to a seat of some sort.

Mold was printed at 0.2, 3 layer wall thickness and 8% infill in ABS

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