Anigroove's specials

A pinch point added to the nautical squid ring. Are you in the calamares mood? #Japan Dimensions: inner diameter 40mm Resize to fit your needs

A aquatic and nautical design to make your slong stand up. Dimensions: inner diameter 45mm Re-sizable to fit your needs!

A horny toothed cock ring. When you love the pinch Dimensions: Inner diameter: 40 mm You can scale your model up and down before printing to fit your needs.

Go and hunt your Pokémon's with this Butt-Plug. Mingle and be one of them! Dimensions: 20 cm  total Scale  to fit your needs.

Dildana, the fruity alternative. Spice up your vitamins. This fruity dildo is a must have for all veggies.

A plunger to clear all entries. Lubricate before use. Dimensions: 20 cm Resizable to fit your needs.

Squeezed dick dildo. A major squeezed dick with balls covered with M&M's... size it to fit your needs. Dimensions: 20 cm Resize it to fit your needs.

The real goatfucker. For the real goat lover! This new product is a rigid cock with a goats head. Have fun with it. Senseo. Dimensions: 20 cm Resizable to fit the size you need.

A dildo for the handy person! A dick with a (working* )wrench on the other side. Do not leave your workshop without this tool. Impress your colleagues 🙂 * make sure to use no support material on the inside of the wrench to make it work. Dimensions: 20 cm Resizable…