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This is a small, beginner level plug. Use it to train. The small length and discrete shape make is suitable for daily use. Dimensions: Length: 10 cm Width: 4.5 cm (maximum)

The little man is a dildo with personality. Customize him, paint his face....and PLAY ON. Warning : Always use condom or appropriate coating. Dimensions: Diameter: 5 cm Length: 14 cm

This is a fun product, always ready to produce pleasure in unexpected ways. Twist it, pound it, or even use it as a plug, this toy will never stop surprising you! - Always remember to coat your 3d-printed toys with the recommended resin spray or use condoms on it. Dimensions:…

This is a traditional anal plug, with the "A" letter carved on the outer part. The model is fully scalable and can be printed in any material (ABS Plastic and PLA Plastic recommended). Dimensions: In the actual state, the height is 10cm, maxima is 4,4cm and the minima 2cm.