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3D print a dildo of the most phallic Parisian monument: the Eiffel Tower! From now on it won't be tickling the sky only.

To be printed with support. Dimensions: Total: 117 x 90 x 190 mm Dildo: 32 x 110 mm

3D print this basic dildo mold to make a soft silicone rubber dildo. We recommend using the Dragon Skin® Series silicones as shown in this video:

Dimensions: Mold: 42 (x2) x 120 x 140 mm Result Dildo: 74 x 74 x 130 mm

Satisfy your double penetration cravings with this textured double ended dildo. Use it solo or share the fun with a partner. The rounded heads are perfect for an easy vaginal or anal play. The veins make a nice texture too. The double dong is orgasmically ribbed for your pleasure!

The fun way to anal play! Download two designs at once. Start with the small butt plug, don’t forget that you can modify the scale before printing. When you are ready to move up to a bigger one, print the other model for a bigger, fuller experience. Small Butt Plug…

Start your anal explorations the right way with this 3D model of a bumpy butt plug. Wether you are a beginner or simply want to keep your anal play light, this sex toy is a must-have! Total length: 105 mm Width: 40 mm

Download this model if you want to experiment with a great anal sex toy that is every beginner’s dream. The bumpy bubbled shaft makes it a real pleasure to play with and the narrow tip is perfect for easy insertion. Total length: 150 mm Width: 40 mm

Enjoy a smooth and filling pleasure with this torpedo shaped butt plug. Looking for new sensations? Play with the ball shaped handle! Its 100 mm(4 inches) of insertable length and 40 mm width (1.5 inch) make this 3D printed butt plug ideal for intermediate to advanced anal players looking for…

This double ended dildo is smoothly curved for extra pleasure. You can either use the realisctic tip or the twisted end depending on your mood. Total length: 220 mm Shaft width: 45 mm

Enjoy orgasmic sensations with this 7 inch dong featuring a rounded ‘tear drop’ tip and bumps on shaft for maximum pleasure. You should try the regular Long Dong with a smoother shaft if you are not interested in bumps. Total length: 180 mm Head width: 50 mm