Shape Master

long and elegant Dimensions: 3.6cm x 16.5cm

Chastity cage and ring. you'll need a lock or zip tie to close it up. Dimensions: big ringĀ  2" Diameter cage 1.125" Diameter approx 2.5" long

A smaller and softer butt plug for beginners and Princesses. Dimensions: 83mm (3.25") long x 22mm (.89") Stem is about 12mm (.5")

It's a butt plug with a gentle taper, a twist and the words "Butt Slut" on the back. Dimensions: 96mm (3.75") long and 41mm (1.625") at the widest.

It's long and twisted for pleasure. It's lots of fun! Dimensions: 6" by 1.5"

It's got a bit of a twist. It is a long one but tapered to go in easy. Dimensions: 7.4" long by 2.5" wide

Modeled after traditional butt plugs - Medium ---or maybe a little bit small. don't worry, you can do it! Dimensions: 8 cm tall 3 cm at widest

Modeled after a standard butt plug. This is a mold that you can use to cast a silicone or rubber part. Dimensions: Plug is: 80 mm tall 30 mm at widest Mold is: 3.75 " long 2.5 inches wide (2x) 1.75" tall

Modeled after standard large butt plugs Dimensions: 104 mm tall 40 mm at widest